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NDDC APS Myall Lakes Rally - 26th August, 2017

The NDDC APS Myall Lakes Rally was a hUge success again this year.

Thank you so much to our major sponsor, APS AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION & POWER STEERING SPECIALIST. Visit their website apsautomatics.com.au
Thank you also to WILLIAMS AND WOOD AUTO REPAIRS for supplying the funds for all the free food for the event officials.

And, a massive thank you to all the Officials who volunteered their time to come and help at the event.

We will see you all at the 2018 event which is set to happen in June - keep an eye out for more information.





NDDC Meeting Dates for 2018

NDDC meet every second month. Why not come and have a chat and enjoy some great food at the Penrith Bowling Club Bistro.

Club Meeting Dates For 2017

All members and friends are welcome.

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